SYMESTIC MES On-Premises: the future-proof engine powering your digital factory

To make your digital factory a reality, we employ a powerful MES, based on international standard ISA 95. And we add specialized plug-ins to create precisely the capabilities needed to perform your specific tasks.


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Why SYMESTIC MES On-Premises is the ideal solution for your Industry 4.0 imperatives

At the heart of any MES solution is proven, robust software. Built around an intelligent architecture, SYMESTIC MES is a highly advanced, fully scalable software system that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

How SYMESTIC MES increases your profitability and efficiency

SYMESTIC MES delivers real-time information and analytics to your executive management – automatically and reliably. It gives you precise metrics that form the basis for sound decision-making. You will be able to identify ways to improve availability, performance, quality and more. You will recognize material stores on the shop floor that are tying up valuable capital, and recognize delays in the manufacturing process.

SYMESTIC MES can generate the most efficient and best-performing production plan at the touch of a button – and with no need for expensive man-hours.

The reasons SYMESTIC MES is so future-proof

Thanks to its modular design, SYMESTIC MES can be configured to match your imperatives and processes, no matter what you make: soft drinks, ballpoint pens or vehicle cockpits. The system is infinitely scalable, and its support for multiple languages makes it ideal for global roll-out.

SYMESTIC MES is based on worldwide standard ISA 95, creating firm yet flexible foundations. It also supports diverse interfaces, such as B2MML, OPC DA/UA and EUROMAP. Our IT infrastructure is built on Microsoft solutions, and evolves in line with these technologies.

the right answer no matter what the task

SYMESTIC MES’s rich and powerful functionality will enable you to turn your production plant into a full-fledged, smart digital factory.

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We will show you how our MES solution empowers you to revolutionize your production operations and create a smart digital factory. Simply arrange a time that suits you.




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