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OEE and other metrics immediately available for actionable analytics

Two easy steps to more profitable production

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The smart way to digitally transform your production processes. Reliable KPIs and machine-specific OEE figures give you in-depth shop-floor transparency, and help you drive forward positive change.

Our cloud-based standard software-as-a-service (SaaS) product enables you to quickly establish the foundations for greater efficiency and quality, and to substantially enhance your economic position.


Greater transparency, productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability


State-of-the-art technology gives you secure, protected anytime, anywhere access to your production KPIs.

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Boost productivity by more than 20% within four weeks

Meaningful metrics empower you to make informed, objective decisions. Dependable facts and figures allow you to take targeted action to cut operating costs, drive growth and improve profitability.


Leverage actionable information from your production systems to identify potential improvements, anomalies and weaknesses – and to address them with speed and precision.

Increase cost-effectiveness and competitiveness – more profitable production


Dependable metrics give you objective, accurate visibility into production facts, figures and correlations. You can calculate the impact of individual improvements and changes that can deliver benefits totaling markedly more than €100,000 a month in the short term.

Capture actionable

Automatically captured data form the reliable foundations for OEE and other KPIs. These should only be enriched with manually collected information where this makes them more meaningful and actionable. SYMESTIC’s IoT product enables you to establish this basis, giving you real-time KPIs that are fully transparent and totally dependable.

Gain real-time

Monitor shop-floor equipment states by visualizing parameters and events. Enjoy a live overview of the entire production situation, and drill down to details of particular interest. All KPIs can be displayed flexibly in line with your specific imperatives, using the latest Web technology, on your desktop PC or smartphone.


By visualizing and analyzing your KPIs, you can precisely identify weaknesses and anomalies. You will be empowered to see with clarity the links between cause and effect. And to rapidly identify ways of achieving tangible improvements.


Less scrap, higher productivity, greater equipment availability, efficient staff deployment, faster repairs, timely ordering of materials, punctual delivery of parts, etc. mean lower costs. SYMESTIC’s product is a powerful, state-of-the-art tool for achieving these aims and more.

Accelerate your
improvement process

If you know where the problem is, then you can act quickly to remedy it – for instance, by means of professional shop-floor management. SYMESTIC’s product aids you with automated notification and escalation processes, ensuring the right people are rapidly alerted to incidents, including, where required, senior management.


Machine downtime is a key cause of low efficiency. It is therefore essential to identify both technical and non-technical reasons (such as logistics or staff, etc.) for non-availability. And it is important not to neglect micro-downtime periods that can add up to significant aggregate loss of productivity.

Involve and manage
your staff

By actively involving your employees, you secure substantial leverage for a successful and lasting improvement process. Personalized dashboards ensure individual staff members are focused on their area of responsibility, and can see the results of their efforts. This will motivate your team to perform to their best.

Digital transformation of your manufacturing operations – it couldn’t be simpler

The production KPIs SaaS product from SYMESTIC will enable you to create the basis for greater efficiency and higher quality, and to significantly enhance your economic position.


SYMESTIC’s SaaS product gives you rapid, end-to-end visibility into your manufacturing operations – without the need for IT capital expenditure or time-consuming installation effort. The result is real-time, actionable insights at the touch of a button via your Web browser or mobile device.

It is a scalable, future-proof solution that allows you to begin the digital transformation of your production processes at low cost. It’s plug, play and profit.

  • SAAS – No upfront investment

  • Available within minutes

The benefits of the SYMESTIC CLOUD solution

Begin right

Simply integrate SYMESTIC’s SaaS software into the Web browser of your desktop PC, smartphone or tablet, complete the authentication process, and begin immediately. For some digital factory products, you will require a SYMESTIC smart IoT box in order to capture production system/machine data.


Initially, you can and should focus on your especially critical “bottleneck” production systems. Then scale up, step by step. You can evolve your SYMESTIC digital factory products in line with your needs and goals.

No upfront

SYMESTIC provisions your digital factory products via Microsoft cloud services. There is therefore no need for additional capital expenditure on or maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Your existing Web browser is your point of access.


SYMESTIC’s digital factory products are available to you worldwide, via Microsoft Azure cloud services. This gives you state-of-the-art technology, robust protection against cyber-attacks and ensures you enjoy a future-proof solution. 95% of all Fortune 500 corporations make use of Azure technology on a daily basis.

maintenance costs

SYMESTIC manages all maintenance tasks and updates for your digital factory products. We ensure your application remains up and running and keeps pace with technological developments.

Identify opportunities for improvement around the globe

Monitor and compare your factories, production lines and systems – across geographical boundaries, and in real time. Assist your international teams and define benchmarks to secure rapid improvements

For your international production activities

With international availability and multi-language support, SYMESTIC digital factory products are ideal for your cross-border operations.

Our digital factory products come in German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Chinese out of the box.

Officially certified for China

The Chinese government has certified that SYMESTIC cloud-based products are secure to use on the country’s local Internet.

This is a prerequisite for ongoing, long-term operations in China.


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